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Currently, we have exports in: Argentina, Japan, Brazil,

Pakistan, Cental America, China, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Taiwan,

Thailand, Turkey, USA.

We are a Mexican company, which has been in the market for 50 years. Our

company is specialized in the manufacture of products based on


Currently we have many different Bio-collagen products which are

used in wet-white, wet-blue and vegetable tanning process, such as

automotive upholstery, waterproof and garment lines,

shoe leather.

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To produce and commercialize eco-friendly chemicals for the leather industry

that complies with international market requirements,

giving quality services, based on innovation, constant improvement

and competitive results while we satisfy clients, employees, suppliers,

shareholders and society, but also…

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We visualize our Company, proudly Mexican, as competitive and

with a great positioning in the international market due to its high

quality, service standards and ecological responsibility. The

creativity and effort of each one of the members of this family have

reward us with our personal and collective well-being.


We work constantly to:

• Our personal quality improvement.

• Our clients and costumers satisfaction.

• Improvement and innovation of services, products and technology

• Live out our values.

Stoever - Valores


Responsibility: We develop our abilities to respond positively

to the demands of our environment, committing with

the people we are related to.


Tenacity: We are persistent in achieving our goals

without easily beat over the restrictions and obstacles that the environment.


Discipline: We behave according to the requirements of the organization.

We collaborate with my work community respecting the agreed

working methods.


Quality: We make sure to indentify our clients, present and future needs,

and fill the requirements agreed with them.


Creativity: We develop our creative capacity, consistently seeking ways to

optimize the processes in which we participate, and improve our products

and services. we can deal with other ways of thinking

and doing things.


Teamwork: We are a social entity, highly organized and

oriented towards achieving common goals.

We are able to adopt and exchange roles and functions with flexibly.

We agree on the way we interact, feedback each other and

take decisions in order to create a climate of collaboration,

respect and trust.


Environmental responsibility: We work to preserve the environment

from each area. At the same time, the company works everyday to

innovate and find new ways to reduce the pollution during

the production and to manufacture non polluting products

by reusing and recycling.


We are a responsable company

commited with the enviroment.