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The Biocollagen is formulated based on fibrous proteins with amino functional groups, carboxyl, disulfides, etc. One of its main components is the collagen, along with another range of amino acids in different molecular structure. Approximately, its portion is reactive with collagen. Biocollagen has a configuration similar to following molecular ordering:

The collagen in bovine skin, after treatment with chromium complexes adopt a chemical architecture represented approximately by the following formula:

Represents polypeptide chains and at the same time, each of these represents an amino acid polymer and can be represented by a structure type that is displayed as following:

This protein chain while under pre-established conditions with the molecular structure of Biocollagen is linked through functional groups of the reaction polymer, generating macromolecules of the type shown:

At the same time, these macromolecular units are grouped together to form chemical chains making leather empty compartments, and these are filled by structures providing to Biocollagen a specific property.